Whoopi Goldberg: “The Holocaust is not about race.” Suspended from ABC for 15 days

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The president of the ABC broadcaster, Kim Godwin: «If on the one hand Whoopi Goldberg apologized, on the other I asked her to take time to reflect». And the popular actress apologizes for her statements: “I was wrong”

ABC News suspended popular African-American actress Whoopi Goldberg, host of “The View”, for two weeks after criticism sparked by her claim that the Holocaust “is not about race.” This was announced by the president of the network Kim Godwin, calling his statements “wrong and offensive”. “While Whoopi apologized, I asked her to take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments,” Godwin added, noting that “The entire ABC News organization is in solidarity with our Jewish colleagues, friends, family and communities”.

Goldberg said the Holocaust “had nothing to do with race”, but it was “only” an episode of “inhumanity of men against other men”. Suprematism had nothing to do with it, and the proof would lie in the fact that the protagonists were “two groups of white people.” Basically “white people against white people, and therefore you who fought among yourselves”. Disconcerting statements. Then in the evening she tried to apologize but it wasn’t enough.

His latest statements on this matter are an admission of responsibility: “I understand. People are angry. I accept it, and I’m the one who got myself into this trouble. I said something that I feel a responsibility not to leave without examination, because my words have upset so many people, which was never my intention. But now I understand why, and therefore I am deeply, deeply grateful, because the information I received was really helpful and helped me understand a few different things. It really was racism, because Hitler and the Nazis viewed Jews as an inferior race. Now, words matter and mine are no exception. I regret my comments, and I correct myself ».

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