Who was al Quraishi, the head of Isis? What changes with her death? And how did the raid happen?

What does the death of the leader of the Islamic State, Abu Ibrahim Hashimi al Quraishi mean in the past few hours during a US raid in Syria

Five points on the death of Abu Ibrahim Hashimi al Quraishi
aka Mohammed Abdul-Rahman al Mawli.

1.The north-western region of Syria is confirmed as a refuge area for jihadists and Qaedists. The hiding place of the leader of the Islamic State, in Atmeh, at approx 30 kilometers from the place where the Caliph al Baghdadi was killed in October 2019. Here the extremists feel protected but, at the same time, are exposed to the tips of possible informants linked to the many factions. The dangerous fragmentation.

2. We will see the details in the next few hours, however the blitz an evident success for US intelligence, capable of locating the snake’s head once again. It is possible that he could count on the direct and indirect help of local allies. Many will boast of having played a role in the downfall of an important character. The Americans have eliminated, again in the Idlib sector, many belonging to Hurras al Din, a group that has remained loyal to Osama and there is a suspicion that they have been sold by other Islamists, such as HTS (exited by al Qaeda).

3. It was about a complex operation, very different from the raids entrusted to drones and to fighters. The use of commandos on the ground can involve risks, the opponents are resolute, a booby trap is enough. Indeed the United States lost a helicopter (we will understand if due to a failure or or enemy fire). So the green light for a mission of this type comes first from the political top and then from the military one.

4. The leadership of al Quraishi, 45 years oldbeen relatively short, one relatively mysterious, inconspicuous figure, a militant who combined religious experience and military skills. There was a $ 10 million bounty on him and he was naturally one of the top targets on the wanted list. Like others he had surrounded himself with civilians, including his family. A way to blend in, an attempt to have a screen. Women and children become hostages, innocent victims of the conflict.

5. The terrorist falls into one important stage. His movement has just proved its strength with the attack on the Hasaka prison (Syrian Kurdistan), raids in Iraq, the offensive by affiliates in many African countries, the challenge in Afghanistan. And this despite the fact that al Quraishi was almost invisible. By now I notice that the end of an emir a timed successconsiderable, but other conditions are needed for a profound victory.

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