Usa, Harlem firefight: second agent wounded also dead

Second policeman killed in New York firefight. The death of Wilbert Mora, 27, following the Friday night shooting in Harlem was announced by Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell. Murdered while on duty, fighting to the end, reads the Twitter account Nypd News. Mora and her partner were responding to a domestic harassment report in a Brooklyn apartment. His colleague, 22-year-old Jason Rivera, was injured and died in hospital on Monday. Mayor Eric Adams promised Monday to rid New York of guns, including by deploying plainclothes police on the streets, following the recent spate of violence. “Gun violence is a public health crisis that continues to threaten every corner of our city,” said the new mayor. A week before the firefight in Harlem, a 19-year-old Puerto Rican woman was killed in the same neighborhood shot by a robber in a fast food restaurant where he worked. In another incident, an 11-month-old girl was injured by a stray bullet in the Bronx while in a car with her mother.

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