Ukraine, Biden’s move: another 3,000 soldiers in Eastern Europe

The Pentagon’s announcement: “It is important to send a strong signal to Putin”. The troops will leave this week in response to mounting tensions with Russia and will arrive in Poland, Germany and Romania

The use they will send additional troops in Poland, Germany and Romania in response to mounting tensions with Russia over Ukraine.

The announcement was made by Pentagon information officer John Kirby: “It is important that a strong signal reaches Putin and the world ».

Specifically Joe Biden will send this week 2,000 soldiers from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Poland and Germany and part of a Stryker squadron of approx 1,000 military based in Germany in Romania.

“These forces will not fight in Ukraine,” said Kirby, assuring that “they are not permanent displacements, but that they meet current conditions”. “By order of the president and a recommendation from Secretary Austin, the Department of Defense r
it will position some base units in Europe further east – also explains the Pentagon – by deploying additional US-based troops in Europe ».

Article being updated …

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