The Whoopi Goldberg case and America’s cross cultural battles

from Matteo Persivale

During an episode of the talk show The View, the actress said the Holocaust was not about “race”. She was suspended

Hollywood actors are great at uttering sentences written by others, and approved by producers and directors. When they talk freely, a little of everything can happen. The latest victim of the phenomenon that our ancestors would have seen as very bizarre – the actor considered maître à penser by the masses: until a few centuries ago they were kept on the margins of society – is Whoopi Goldbergwhich during an episode of the very successful talk show The View, who leads with other colleagues, said that the Holocaust does not concern “the race” but more generally “the inhumanity of man towards man”. He is obviously a nonsense phrase, which, however, before the social media and the mythological “cancel culture” perhaps would have passed over in silence. Now instead he had her suspended from the program for two weeks and resumed by the president of the network Kim Godwin (African American like Goldberg), who called her statements “wrong and offensive”.

“While Whoopi apologized, I asked her to take the time to reflect and learn on the other, her comments made an impact. The entire organization of Abc News it is in solidarity with our colleagues, friends, Jewish family members, and the whole community, ”explained Godwin. Goldberg also apologized with a statement via Twitter, but apologies are not always enough. She has not been “wiped out” – her progressive credentials protect her from firing – but simply punished: she is nonetheless. hard for non-American observers to understand how it got to this point. On the one hand, the actors who venture on slippery ground for those who have not read – studied – enough: lands like the roots of Nazism, the rise of Hitler, the German anti-Semitic milieu in which Mein Kampf found fertile ground. On the other hand, the so-called “wokeness”, the American progressive militant activism that makes identity a fetish and by its very nature continually needs culprits to be ridiculed.

The American left plays this media game badly, for decades now: does she entrust her messages to celebrities sometimes – often? – poorly equipped, going to find examples of racism almost everywhere (examples that, sadly, are not lacking because the problem exists and it is huge) and throwing everything in caciara on social networks. The right works on the other handin the not very mundane but very important local “school boards” now largely in the hands of republicans who dictate the rules in schools, creating scandals that do not exist to remove unwanted books from the curriculum and sometimes even from school libraries, that is judged not very patriotic. Left-wing enemies await on the proverbial river bank: so the democratic “celebrities” sooner or later make a few missteps, big or small.

Huge like that of the “comedian” who had herself photographed waving a fake Trump’s severed head, in the manner of Isis. Or, precisely, like the very unpleasant one of Goldberg, sent to punishment – kneeling on chickpeas like Fantozzi? – waiting for the inevitable forgiveness. Things from other worlds for us. But which perhaps help to understand – also – why Democrats find it so hard to communicate their message decently, with such messengers. And why Joe Biden has in this year and a month of government achieved a historic employment boom but has an approval rating of 33%, worse than Trump’s between impeachments.

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