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Blake King – Founder

Blake King was one of the brightest students at Dartmouth College in his batch. And everyone thought he would take up some normal corporate job and make a career by climbing up the ladder. Fate, it seems, had a different plan altogether.

Blake came to revolutionize the e-commerce platforms at a very young age of 28 only by founding the now popular 99Counters.He came across many challenges initially but he stuck with the idea as it was never only about the business of it for him.

His vision was to create something for the modern world of today and he quickly realised that it was the e-commerce industry that needed the huge reforms so he went ahead and did it rather than sit around and wait as many of us do. 

Mila Williams – Writer

Mila Williams has been a real tech nerd for the past seven years. She has covered several aspects of it in her role as a senior journalist at magazines like New Age which expanded the horizons of her knowledge and experience. 

Mila graduated from Penn State University with a double Masters in Creative and Informational Content Writing. Her thesis won her quite a bit of accolade which helped her land up to her first job at The E-commerce Magazine. 

Since then, she has written for well-reputed magazines like Element, The Giant commerce, and E-Com. Mila made the move of shifting to 99Counters while it was still in its initial growth stage. This shift greatly boosted the ambitions of the platform as well as helped a young Mila become the Chief Writing Officer at while she was only 31. 

The writing aspect has always been the focus at 99Counters. With Mila the team got a direction that no one else could have provided. Her vast writing experience enabled her to work on this project quite confidently. The freedom offered to her by the founder further bolstered her productivity and the result was nothing shy of a revolution in the e-commerce industry.