Space: Cosmo-SkyMed satellite launched for Earth observation


The Falcon 9 vector of the US company SpaceX took it into polar sun-synchronous orbit. The mission originally scheduled for January 27 had been postponed due to bad weather

After three postponements due to bad weather and a postponement for the presence of a cruise ship in the off-limits area, from the base of Cape Canaveral, Florida, was launched on second satellite of the Italian constellation Cosmo-SkyMed Second Generation (Csg) promoted by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the Ministry of Defense with the contribution of the Ministry of University and Research. To bring it into orbit, the vector Falcon 9 of the American company SpaceX. With Cosmo-SkyMed Italy will be able to have a system forEarth observation even more tovanguard.

This launch – reads the ASI website – will allow the operation of the entire Cosmo-SkyMed constellation in orbit for more than fifteen years to continue, increasing its overall capacity. The program will therefore reach a new major finish line, in line with the objectives set by ASI and the Ministry of Defense, which promoted, financed and directed, in the role of clients, the entire development program. CSG’s primary objective is to provide Earth Observation services to dual civilian and military users through a broad portfolio of products, obtained in the different operating modes of the SAR sensor (Synthetic Aperture Radar), both in narrow field and resolution ultra-fine than wide-field.

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