South China Sea, challenge between the US and China to recover the wreck of an American fighter

from Guido Olimpio

There is a need to recover it, a need accompanied by the fear that China could get its hands on it, to discover secrets. Beijing says it is not interested

The US Navy engaged in the research of an F35C crashed in the South China Sea, warm waters for the challenge between the superpowers, a disputed and very crowded space. The fighter participated in exercises conducted by the Carl Vinson aircraft carrier along with the Lincoln and escort units. By now constant maneuvers by the Pentagon to stand up to China. According to the official version, the aircraft had problems in the landing phase and the pilot was forced to jump. Some sailors were injured, concern over other consequences.

The Navy mission, in fact, takes place with a certain pressure. There is a need to recover it, a need accompanied by the fear that China could get its hands on it, to discover secrets and details. Unless he already has crucial information. Beijing, for its part, has been in the game and a spokesman said that the People’s Republic not interested in the wreck. The statement – it matters little as it is sincere – does not diminish the importance of the aircraft and on-board technology. a system to be protected at any cost. Therefore, as some experts have pointed out, it is important to hurry: the more days pass, the more problems in localization can grow.

The episode recalls what happened last November in the eastern Mediterranean. On that occasion a British F35B – took off from Queen Elizabeth – ended up in the sea, triggering a large operation while – again – scenarios about possible actions of the Russians to get to the jet at the bottom were circulating. Instead it was an Italian Navy minesweeper who identified the jet with the Pluto underwater drone, a mission then completed by a US ship equipped with instruments capable of reaching the required depth.

And to stay on the subject there is the previous one – in an earthly key – during the raid to kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. In the initial phase, a special helicopter, used for the first time by the American commandos, broke down and crashed inside the compound. The Navy Seals set up charges to destroy it but something went wrong and a part of the vehicle remained intact. Famous is the photo that shows it covered by a tarp. Days later Pakistani soldiers loaded the wreckage onto a truck and they have moved them elsewhere. It was later reported that the Chinese, on good terms with Islamabad, would be able to examine the finds. One of the many mysteries of a page of history.

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