Prince Andrew ready for the trial against Virginia Giuffre: “She was an accomplice of Epstein and Maxwell”

Queen Elizabeth’s son has decided to go to a full-scale trial in New York to counter the allegations of sexual assault. And he denies ever being friends with Ghislaine Maxwell, convicted of organizing child trafficking with pedophile tycoon Jeffrey Epstein

LONDON – See you in court: Prince Andrew challenges his accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, to go to a full-blown trial in New York in front of a jury.

It’s a resounding twist in the case that sees Queen Elizabeth’s son being sued for sexual assault by one of the victims of pedophile tycoon Jeffrey Epstein: and it is a choice that puts him on a collision course with the royal family, for which the scenario of a trial-show in the year of the sovereign’s Platinum Jubilee looks like a real nightmare.

Virginia Roberts, who now goes by the married name of Giuffre, claims that twenty years ago, when she was still seventeen, it was fed by Epstein and his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell to Prince Andrew, who allegedly abused her on multiple occasions.

The woman, now 38, has filed a civil suit against the prince, from whom she is demanding million-dollar reparations: Andrea’s lawyers had unsuccessfully tried to block the proceedings, but now they have taken the counter-offensive. In the documents presented yesterday in New York, the prince’s lawyers ask that all the elements of the complaint be addressed in a trial: and by raising the question of Virginia’s “wrong conduct”, they make it clear what their line of attack will be.

In all likelihood, Andrea’s team will try to say that the girl was actually an accomplice of Epstein and Maxwell, on whose behalf he recruited the girls who ended up in the network of the tycoon and his companion. Epstein committed suicide in 2019 in the prison where he was held for child sex trafficking, while Ghislaine was convicted a month ago for the same crime.

In the papers submitted by the lawyers, Andrea admits to having met Epstein, but denies having had any part in the sexual abuse; also the prince he denies being a “close friend” of Ghislaine, with which he has also been photographed several times on social occasions.

In the 11-page document, there is a long list of events that Andrea refuses to “admit or deny,” including the infamous photograph of him hugging a very young Virginia Roberts.

The woman’s lawyer reacted by stating that “Prince Andrew continues with his approach of denying any knowledge or information regarding the accusations against him and tries to blame the victim of the abuses for having somehow procured them by himself”.

Therefore, a process is looming in which the low blows will not be spared and where all the dirty clothes will be washed in public: just what the royal family had tried to avoid, going as far as deprive Andrea of ​​all royal and military titles
to somehow draw a line between scandal and monarchy.

An attempt to lock up the institution that now risks breaking Andrea’s decision to go to the showdown in front of a court jury.

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