Paris: body of a 10-year-old boy found in a suitcase


You also find traces of blood in the victim’s home. The police are looking for the mother, who disappeared yesterday without taking anything with them

Horror in Ferrires-en-Brie, a town close to Paris, where the lifeless body of a ten-year-old boy was found inside a suitcase. The discovery of the suitcase took place near the victim’s home where there are garbage bins. Police are looking for the mother, suspected of killing her son at home. In fact, traces of blood were found in the house, as the broadcaster explains. It was the victim’s father who reported the missing from home of his 10-year-old son and 33-year-old wife. The first searches were started yesterday, the couple was going through a difficult time and that the mother disappeared without taking anything with them. The mother had been suffering from mental disorders for some time.

The examination of the corpse made it possible to ascertain that the child was killed with numerous stab wounds in several places on the body. According to French media, after his father reported missing both his wife and son on Wednesday evening, the body was found by a firefighter dog trained to search for missing persons.

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