Overture, the American heir to the Concorde will be born in North Carolina

from Flavio Vanetti

Boom Supersonic, the company that will build the aircraft, has decided that the headquarters of the plants will be at the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro: the land where the Wright brothers’ powered flight was born. It is expected to enter service in 2029

Where motorized flight was born: a simply perfect place. It will indeed North Carolina is the cradle where Overture will see the light, the US civilian supersonic that will, by the end of the decade, collect the legacy of the Concorde, an Anglo-French jewel that was withdrawn from service on October 24, 2003. Boom Supersonic, the company that will build the aircraft, has decided that the headquarters of the establishments will be at the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro. logical, but ultimately also poetic that one comes here, commented by Roy Cooper, governor of North Carolina. As on the beach of Kitty Hawk the Wright brothers opened the sky to “heavier than air”, so now our territory is preparing to transform air links on the basis of speed combined with ecology.

Sar a super-factory capable of covering the entire production cycle, including final assembly, testing area and customer delivery center. It will be there that this supersonic capable of will see the light carry 65 to 88 passengers at 1.7 times the speed of sound (the Concorde also reached Mach 2) with consequent halving of the flight times required by the planes currently in service. Overture, compared to its predecessor, accused of being too polluting – and one of the reasons for its jubilation -, it will have a green value, as befits these days: it will in fact be able to exploit 100% sustainable fuel.

Greensboro was chosen primarily because North Carolina a vital center of American technology, both for the presence of dedicated companies and for a very specialized workforce that also includes a substantial number of military veterans. There is also an induced that can support the project – from vocational schools to various suppliers – e the last advantage is provided by geography: thanks to the proximity to the Atlantic, supersonic tests can be conducted on the ocean. The headquarters of Boom Supersonic, however, will not change and will remain in Colorado, near Denver.

The maxi-plant will have enormous dimensions: 121 thousand square meters on an area of ​​263 thousand. By 2030, they will employ 1,750 people, with an expansion to 2,400 by 2032. Experts calculate that the North Carolina economy, thanks to the Overture project, will have an increase of at least 32.3 billion over 20 years. The advantage will also be for the students who will attend universities, colleges and professional schools of that State: at least 200 institutions will be involved.

Dell’Overture, which seen from the start looks like a little brother of the Concorde, especially due to the commonality of the delta wing, there is a full-size wooden mock-up, but in 2020 Boom created the Xb-1, a prototype that has to experiment with technological solutions intended for commercial supersonic. The heir to the Concorde will have an autonomy of about 8,000 kilometers and It has already been optioned at the rate of a hundred copies, between those who have already confirmed the order (the last was United Airlines, which will put 15 online with the possibility of adding another 35) and those who have instead placed a simple pre-emption.

For the moment, the company claims to have a $ 14 billion portfolio by calculating both solutions. Blake Scholl, CEO of Boom, has an optimistic view of the supersonic future market: We will join 500 cities from all over the world with a cost per passenger comparable to what he currently spends on a business class. Construction of the Greensboro factory will proceed as swiftly as possible: production expected to start in 2024, while the first example of the Overture come out of hangars in 2025. In 2026 it will have completed testing and ready for its first flight, while it is estimated that it will enter service in 2029. That day, wherever they are, the Wright brothers will smile.

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