North Korea publishes a photograph from space. Kim Jong-un: “Shot by one of our missiles”

Pyongyang says the images in which Earth can be seen were taken by the Hwasong-12 intermediate-range ballistic missile, the most powerful launched since 2017

There North Korean propaganda today released a portfolio of photographs of the missile test conducted on Sunday. This is the most powerful missile launched since 2017: flew for 800 kilometers, reaching a maximum height of 2 thousand kilometers. Kim was not present, to signal that these ballistic feats are now routine.

“It was just a launch to verify the reliability of this class of missiles,” Pyongyang said. But to keep the attention of the outside world awake, Kim has given a mandate to the northern news agency to spread the photos of the launch, with a small novelty: a camera mounted on the bomb’s head has captured the earth from above which should incinerate in the event of war. Analysts, however, express doubts and do not exclude that the images have been retouched, in particular one that frames the head from above.

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