NewsCorp was hit by a hacker attack: “Spying for China”

The editor of the Wall Street Journal, The Times of London and the New York Post has reported that it was affected by the hack, and is now trying to determine with certainty the duration, nature and impact.

News Corpthe company founded by Rupert Murdoch which publishes among others the Wall Street Journalthe Times of London, on Sun and the New York Post, reported being the victim of a hacker attack in which the data of journalists from the two newspapers and other employees were stolen. The company suspects this is an act of espionage linked to the China.

Our preliminary analysis indicates that there may be a foreign government associated with this activity and that some data may have been taken, News Corp reported in an email sent to all staff.

Also according to preliminary analyzes, the attack involved a limited number of email accounts and documents stolen from News Corp headquarters, News Technology Services, Dow Jones, News UK, and New York Post.

The company said it was concerned about confidential information that may have been stolen from its reporters, including confidential sources. Customer data (such as subscribers) and the company’s financial data would not have been stolen from the company, whose operations were unaffected by the attack.

An initial analysis conducted by cybersecurity firm Mandiant, called by News Corp to investigate the attack that took place on January 20, concluded, according to the Guardian, that the hackers have ties to China and are likely involved in business. of espionage to gather intelligence information for the benefit of Chinese interests.

FBI director Christopher Wray said in a speech this week that investigations related to suspected Chinese spying operations are opened every 12 hours, and that China is much more active on this front than Russia.

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