New Jersey, the double life of the consultant dem: he hired two hit men to kill his partner

from Andrea Marinelli

Case solved after 8 years. Sean Caddle, 44, admitted he paid two men to kill Michael Galdieri, heir to a local political dynasty who ran for 2005 but was arrested for possession of weapons and drugs the night before the vote.

the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. While leading my election campaigns, many of them with great success, he was planning a murder. The words of Ray Lesniak, former New Jersey state senator, are enough to sum up the double life of Sean Caddle, an esteemed 44-year-old Democratic advisor who admitted Tuesday hiring two hit men for kill the descendant of a local political dynasty, Michael Galdieri, stabbed to death in May 2014 at his Jersey City home, then set on fire. It was a ruthless and violent crime, and the defendant was as responsible for it as the two men who used the knife, said New Jersey district attorney Phil Sellinger. He admitted he organized the murder, now he will pay for his crime.

Caddle – very well known locally: between 2003 and 2005 he also worked for the powerful Senator Bob Menendez – hires an acquaintance from Connecticut, George Bratsenis, who in turn involved Bomani Africa, a 61-year-old from Philadelphia who with his confession provided the first clues for unravel a case that has remained unsolved for nearly eight years: The political consultant offered them thousands of dollars and settled the account in cash the day after Galdieri’s death, in the parking lot of a diner in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The victim’s name was missing from the press release from the Prosecutor’s Office, but for local newspapers it was easy to trace Galdieri, son of former state congressman James, who died in 2009, and grandson of the eponymous senator who died in 1944.

The victim, who was 52, had worked for Caddle’s consulting firm, Arkady, who ran political action committees set up to pump money of unknown provenance into electoral contests in New Jersey. In 2005, then, Galdieri had tried to follow in the political footsteps of his father and grandfather, running for the city council of Jersey City, but he was arrested the night before the elections for possession of drugs and weapons. He said he was framed, but pleaded guilty to getting a sentence discount and ending up in prison for two years. Those who knew him wrote theHudson Reporter a month after his death, he suspected that there had really been a plot against him: the drugs were probably his, but the weapons were not. It just wasn’t his style, a source told Al Sullivan, the reporter who was investigating the mysterious murder of Galdieri.

Caddle, now under house arrest after paying a million bail, faces a $ 250,000 fine and a life sentence, as well as Africa, already locked up in a Rhode Island prison for an armed robbery: their sentence is expected for June 7, while the charges for Bratsenis have not yet been disclosed. Their admission of guilt – FBI agent George Crouch commented – will bring a sense of closure to the victim’s family, who for eight years wondered who killed their loved one. That of Caddle and Galdieri a story worthy of House of Cards or the Coen brothers, but one thing is still missing: the motive. I had known him since high school, he was a good boy and loved the game of politics, Hudson County Councilor Bill O’Dea admitted. At the time, everyone thought he was killed for drugs or money, but these revelations take the case to a whole other level.

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