Morocco, the child who fell into the well: the struggle to bring him back to light


Ryan, 5, spent the third night at a depth of 32 meters. Rescuers: he He asked for water, conscious. The duct just 25 centimeters wide. A parallel excavation to reach it. An entire nation with bated breath

The rescuer was six meters away. Six meters more before you get to touch it, and try to pull it up from that hole 32 meters deep and 25 centimeters wide. He was close to it, but he didn’t make it, because around 26 meters the shaft narrows further and becomes a funnel.
So another way was sought. Rescue teams dug a parallel well. And at 6 this morning work began on a horizontal tunnel that reaches the child. And get him out of the nightmare.

Like Vermicino

The recovery operations of little Ryan, 5 years old, still stuck 32 meters deep in the well where he fell three days ago, are proceeding in a climate of mobilization and anxiety. Another cold night, the third of this story that recalls that of Alfredino Rampi in Vermicino. An entire mountain was excavated last night with the arrival of the sixth bulldozer. A 30-meter crater, parallel to the well, leaves room for topographers to study the latest tricks. During the night there were landslides that made people fear the worst.

He answers questions

On the Rif chain, in the north of Morocco, the recovery works proved to be more difficult than expected, too much rock, too many obstacles. On the microphones of a local broadcaster, the head of the rescue committee said that Ryan asked for water today, at 3 am, when a small camera introduced into the well surprised him awake and conscious, after almost 60 hours of ordeal. : Ryan talks and answers questions.

The village

The food is lowered from above, like the oxygen mask, while the diggers try to pierce the rock to finally create the three-meter corridor and reach the child. Among the technicians there are also those who have now been working continuously for 24 hours in a solidarity competition that is unprecedented in Morocco. Ambulance and medical staff are in the field to provide first aid to the little one. Meanwhile, the Net bounces images of queues and bottlenecks on the small roads leading to Tamrout, Ryan’s village. a crowd of onlookers, of citizens who came from every corner of Morocco, hoping to see that child come out of the well.

The game and the fall

A story that recalls that of Alfredino Rampi and the nights of Vermicino: we go back to those days of June 1981, on the outskirts of Rome, with the first great live TV that kept President Pertini’s Italy awake. It was Tuesday afternoon when Ryan, 5, disappeared. He was playing in the fields, close to home, in the village of Tamrout, 100 kilometers from Chefchauen in northern Morocco. His father Khalid Agoram, not finding him, looked for him for hours. The child had been swallowed by the now drained well that own the farmer pap had covered with wood and plastic.

The test of the volunteers

A 32-meter flight between 25-centimeter walls, which somehow slowed the crash but imprisoned him. Then the intervention of the neighbors, in a short time the whole village mobilized. On the Rif mountains the earth is hard, recovery operations soon proved difficult. The volunteers come forward, the first Hamid who, just like the Angelo Licheri of Vermicino, lowered himself with his bare hands to try to rescue the child. Meanwhile Ryan was talking, asking about his mother. Around the well and that anxious family the solidarity of the whole of Morocco tightened. Cameras and onlookers also arrived with the bulldozers and the Civil Protection. The first attempts at recovery, even those of two professional speleologists, failed, the rescuers then decided to dig next to the well and then create a connecting tunnel and reach the child.

Cry and breathe

Imad Fahmi, from the rescue team, the one who came closest, descending up to 25 meters. He heard him breathe and cry, but he couldn’t get any further because the well gets narrower at that depth. Meanwhile, they dug non-stop, night and day. The images that rescuers’ cameras brought to the surface show Ryan in the mud. Small wounds to the head, the oxygen mask.

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