Marine Le Pen, the disappointment of the niece: Marion does not support it (but does not join Zemmour)

from Stefano Montefiori

“Dynasty” in the French right: the young Marion Maréchal, born in 1989, very popular in the far right, will not support her aunt (alongside whom she made her debut)

PARIS – Only a few days ago Marine Le Pen still believed in it: «My niece Marion Maréchal said that between me and Zemmour she will support whoever is better placed, and the best placed one is me, there is no doubt ». Now comes the disappointment: the 32-year-old former deputy from Vaucluse (department of Southern France), much loved in the circles of the far right, still hesitates to join Eric Zemmour’s campaign but certainly won’t support his aunt. “If I support Eric it won’t be fair to let me see and say ‘I’m here’. It will mean returning to politics and therefore leaving ISSEP (the political training school he founded in Lyon). It’s a real life choice, an important decision, ”he said during an interview with the Parisien. As for Marine Le Pen, “I said I wanted a union of the patriotic right behind the best-placed candidate. But we see well that he is certainly not taking the path of union, and I do not know who is the best placed, the campaign is still long. Eric Zemmour has a greater margin for progress among the popular classes and the abstentionists than that of Marine Le Pen among the upper sections of the population. It is difficult to get rid of a certain image in politics“.

The words, albeit cautious, of Marion Maréchal were interpreted as an unequivocal choice of field, first of all by Marine Le Pen who reacted while she was invited to a broadcast on Cnews, the TV network close to Zemmour and the nationalist galaxy: “I think that if I told you that this does not hurt me, no one would believe it. I have a special history with Marion, because I raised her with my sister in her first years of life. So it is clearly something brutal, violent, difficult for me. ”

Marion Maréchal is the daughter of Yann Le Pen (daughter of Jean-Marie and sister of Marine), who met the journalist and diplomat Roger Auque after the conclusion of a first marriage. From their brief relationship in 1989, Marion was born. It was Marine, my sister, who stood by me when I gave birth to Marion – Yann Le Pen once said -, and then she helped me to raise her ». Two years later Yann Le Pen responded with Samuel Maréchal, a member of the Front National, who recognized Marion as his own daughter. During her adolescence Marion Maréchal then wanted to meet her biological father, Roger Auque. After his debut in politics alongside his aunt, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen (at the beginning of her career that was her surname) began to take an independent path, especially after the rift between Marine and his father Jean-Marie. When Marine Le Pen took over the party trying to normalize it, and broke off political and personal relations with her father and founder, Marion seemed to stay closer to her grandfather.

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen was long identified with the more traditional soul of the Front National (later Rassemblement national), the strongest in the South, linked to Catholic and conservative values, while Marine seemed to address above all the popular classes of the North orphans of the left. In 2018 Marion temporarily left politics and changed her surname, abandoning the more demanding part of Le Pen and signing herself now Marion Maréchal. After the creation of the ISSEP (Institut de sciences sociales, économiques et politique), now the temptation to return to politics, perhaps with Zemmour, certainly no longer in the shadow of Aunt Marine. For Marine Le Pen it’s a pretty hard blow, not just from a personal point of view. The Zemmour campaign these days seemed to stall, the polls give it only to fourth place clearly behind Emmanuel Macron and Valérie Pécresse and Marine Le Pen, side by side in second position (voting for the Elysée on 10 and 24 April). The arrival of Gilbert Collard, MEP who has decided to leave Marine Le Pen, and the increasingly probable one of Marion Maréchal could give a new momentum in Zemmour, while Marine Le Pen fears that Marion could bring many members of the Rassemblement national with her, weakening the party.

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