Macron’s post-it note on the culture pass So the president is preparing to vote

from Stefano Montefiori

A little Renzi style, a little Berlusconi style, the current tenant of the Elysée has begun to emphasize the measures he is proud of, including the bonus extended to those aged 15-16 and 17

FROM THE CORRESPONDENT PARIS Opening of the culture pass to children aged 15-16-17 – Done. With this message written on a Post-it note, a bit Renzi a bit Berlusconi, French President Emmanuel Macron began to underline the measures he is proud of. A sort of unofficial election campaigngiven that the president has not yet presented his – sure – candidacy for the vote on 10 and 24 April, which could confirm him in the Elysée for a second term.

A phrase a little bit Renzi, because the culture pass is actually inspired by the culture bonus introduced in 2015 by the Renzi government, which provided for the allocation of 500 euros (later down to 300) to those who turned 18. After a two-year trial, Macron launched in 2021 the French culture pass for all 18-year-olds, now also open to the youngest. A message that is also a bit Berlusconi, similar to the commercials of the first Forza Italia government in 1994those with the stamp Done on the measures entered into force.

Either way, Macron tweeted the photo of the Post-it note on his desk, next to objects that seem to be placed in bulk, and that more likely have been chosen with care. The watch with the tricolor strap of the Lip brand, courage model, from 279 euros, and then four overlapping books, not difficult to identify: the memoirs of General De Gaulle in the prestigious edition of the Pliade; a collection of dialogues by the latest comrade in the anti-Nazi liberation struggle, Hubert Germain, who passed away a few weeks ago; a work on the Acadmie Franaise written by his perpetual secretary, the great expert of Russia Hlne Carrre d’Encausse and, at the bottom of the pile, the master’s touch, to evoke eclecticism, the ability to mix high and pop culture, and closeness with young people, that is the number 100 of the One Piece manga.

The image conveys a direct message – propaganda on the culture pass extended to minors – and also indirect advice on possible cultural consumption that could or should interest kids between the ages of 15 and 18, from national heroes like De Gaulle to manga.

The tweet’s apparent nonchalance inspired dozens of parodies, as well as imitations of Macron’s opponents in the presidential election. By Marine Le Pen, who posted a similar post-it with the inscription making young people the priority of the five-year period: urgent between a book on violence against minors and its flyers, to Eric Zemmour, perhaps the most effective, who released a short video: under the words the Post-it notes that Macron forgot to write for five years, alongside a work on the beloved Napoleon, here are a series of phrases such as stopping immigration, repaying the debt, restoring purchasing power and above all, in capital letters, stop bothering the French.

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