In Texas, the butterfly sanctuary closes due to threats from QAnon

from Michele Farina

The center, which houses 200 species of butterflies, took sides against the construction of the Wall. Trump fans have since accused him of covering up a round of child abuse

In Texas, Donald Trump’s enemy butterfly sanctuary was forced to close to the public due to threats received from supporters of the former president.

The National Butterfly Center is a 50-hectare oasis on the Rio Grande, on the border between the United States and Mexico. visited by 35 thousand people a year and by six thousand children who go there on a school trip. The center is home to 200 species of butterflies, but also other species of animals, from armadillos to turtles.

In 2017 the Center openly took sides against the construction of the anti-migrant wall wanted by the then president. The barrier would effectively destroy the small reserve. Years have passed, Trump supporters never forgot the butterfly supporters. During a demonstration along the border called We Stand America, last week the director of the Center Marianna Trevino Wright was attacked and her son almost hit by a vehicle of the demonstrators.

Then came the hints of new trouble from a local Republican party representative, who informed the center officials of a motorized convoy called the Trump Train that would arrive at the butterfly oasis gates next weekend. A Virginia political candidate close to the far-right group QAnon during the confrontation with the director Trevino Wright has launched (recorded) allegations that the Butterfly Center is covering a round of violence against minors, a conspiratorial strategy adopted by extremists on other occasions (when the barrages of unfounded accusations were followed by armed attacks). A complex of things that led Jeffrey Glassborg, president of the North American Butterfly Association, to decide to close the center until further notice. Who wins and who loses in this absurd battle of butterflies and armadillos?

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