Germany, the Greens choose the new leaders: a 28-year-old and Fisher’s heir

from Paolo Valentino

Ricarda Lang and Omid Nouripour are 74 years old in two and absolutely unlikely biographies: she is the youngest leader in almost half a century of history and fights bodyshaming, he is the son of Iranian aeronautical engineers persecuted by the regime

from our correspondent
BERLIN – Together they are 74 years old and two absolutely unlikely biographies. But from today, Ricarda Lang and Nomid Nouripour are the new leaders of the German greens, one of the three parties of the ruling coalition. The congress of the Grnen elected them a co-presidents with 552 and 621 votes in favor respectively, against another pair of candidates, who totaled 77 consents in all.

Jurist, 28 years old, originally from Baden Wrttemberg, declared bisexual, champion for years of the battle against body shaming, Lang is the youngest leader in nearly half a century of German environmental history. Elected vice president of the party in 2019, she won a direct mandate for the Bundestag in the last elections. In the tradition of the Greens, which requires that both gender equality and the fundamentalist-realist balance be respected at the top, Lang represents the left wing and has made feminism, the defense of diversity and the fight against the radical far right his battle horses. For this reason, for years the subject of a campaign of hatred and death threats on social networks, to which he has always responded blow for blow. But his biography also made it particularly sensitive to social issues, as confirmed by her investiture speech: daughter of a single mother, raised in conditions of near poverty, the subject of ridicule since she was a teenager because of her weight, Lang explained that the false contradiction between climate protection and social justice.

Omid Nouripour born in Tehran 46 years ago, to parents both aeronautical engineers persecuted by the regime and fled from Iran. arrived in Germany in 1988. Member of the Bundestag for 18 years, where he gained esteem and reputation as an expert in foreign policy. Muslim, married with a son, Noripour an exponent of the royalist wing and very close to the former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer. Indeed, Fischer was technically the successor, in the sense that in 2006, when the former green foreign minister withdrew from politics, he took over from the Bundestag. But in a way it even surpassed it, because in the September elections Nouripour was the first candidate in the history of the Greens to win a direct mandate, in the college of Frankfurt where Fischer had always been elected only with the second vote, that of a proportional list. In addition to politics, his great passion is music, hip hop to be precise: in his free time he performs as a rapper with the stage name MC Omid.

In the speech that preceded the vote, Noripour has indicated an ambitious goal to the party: Return to compete for the chancellery. The dream of a green chancellor had seemed close at hand in the spring, when the candidacy of Annalena Baerbock was announced. But an electoral campaign full of errors and ingenuity made him fade and despite a strong advance, that led them to be the third party with almost 15% of the vote, the Greens came out very disappointed by the September elections, having to be content with being the junior partners of the SPD. We will not give up, said the new president, explaining that he wanted to motivate people with immigrant backgrounds like him to engage in politics.

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