France, Ophélie Meunier under guard after the threats suffered for an investigation into radical Islam

The TV presenter and two other colleagues live under protection. The reportage from Roubaix defined by the far-right candidate Ric Zemmour Afghanistan two hours from Paris

Three people have lived for days in hiding and under police protection from threats received afterwards a broadcast on the Islamists in Roubaix. France is worried about their safety and wonders about the possibility of recounting and denouncing the drifts of radical Islam without risking one’s life.

The presenter Ophlie Meunier presents the reportage made by the director Michalle Gagnet for the M6 ​​network series Forbidden zones, forbidden zone. A young local lawyer, Amine Elbahi, tells about Koranic lessons disguised as remedial courses (perhaps with the complicity of the town hall), then the hidden camera enters a children’s shop where faceless dolls are sold, so as not to displease Allah , and a veiled girl says that those puppets are selling like hot cakes and the girls don’t really mind, just don’t give many explanations. Around many women almost completely covered by the veil, some neighborhoods are visibly in the hands of radical Muslims and Amine Elbahi denounces the inaction of the politicians and the proselytism of the Islamists, who six years ago managed to enlist her sister, who left for Syria.

The transmission immediately causes strong controversy also because the question ofIslam at the heart of the electoral campaign for the Elysée (we vote in April), with the far-right candidate ric Zemmour
which is betting everything on the promise to save France from the alleged grand remplacement, the great replacement of the French by mostly Muslim immigrants theorized years ago by the writer Renaud Camus (and never comforted by the numbers). Zemmour does not miss the opportunity and defines the Roubaix told by Zones as Afghanistan two hours from Paris. A few hours after the broadcast of the program, last Sunday, they arrive death threats.

Since Ophlie Meunierfamous face of French TV, Michalle Gagnet And Amine Elbahi they live under protection. After a couple of days of general distraction, the issue becomes prominent because it concerns not only the three threatened people but the media in general and the whole of French society: it is impossible to provide information, to describe reality by showing the dangers of radical Islamism, if the authors of the investigations risk their lives. Roubaix’s threats serve to intimidate anyone who plans to follow No Zone’s lead. A reporter testifying during the broadcast, Bruno Renoul of the regional newspaper La Voix du Nord , says that investigating Islamism is equivalent to being immediately branded of Islamophobia, an accusation that is not easy to digest. In defense of Ophlie Meunier and the others threatened and under protection, many French media are mobilizing. On the Figaro 160 personalities, including writers Boualem Sansal, Frdric Beigbeder and Michel Onfraysign an intervention which reads We are in France, in 2022. What remains of the spirit Charlie (in reference to the newspaper
Charlie Hebdo target of the Islamist attack of 7 January 2015, ed
)? We are used to journalists in danger in war zones and in totalitarian states. Do we also have to get used to reading that French journalists are forced to be protected by the police because they carried out an investigation in their country ?.

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