Elizabeth II queen of records, on the throne for 70 years

from Antonio Polito

Never anyone like her. In a book by Enrica Roddolo the secrets of the suor kingdom

a real shame that we cannot speak of an Elizabethan era, given that the brand is already occupied by its illustrious predecessor Tudor, the daughter of Enrico
VIII. For the second Elisabetta took her revenge by entering history as the number one in terms of duration of the reign: seventy years on February 6
, against only 63 of Queen Victoria, who also seemed unsurpassable. And what seventy years! To relive this eramarked by a woman with an enigmatic smile like a contemporary Mona Lisa, and magnetic like Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, in the bookstore the biography of Enrica Roddolomaximum expert of the
Courier service
in the matter of Royal House

, by title Elizabeth & the secrets of Buckingham Palace. That to read it it looks like a cinematic sequence shotwith the camera framing a lady of nearly 96 from afar, standing on the famous balcony of Buckingham Palace, and then slowly making a close-up on her face, and rewinds the tape until the day he succeeded his father at just 25 years old, who became king by chance following the abdication of his elder brother Edoardo; and then climbs over his small and resolute figure, enters the Palace, walks through its rooms, its gardens, retracing back the history of the British monarchy, which has not always been Windsor and has not always been so pompous, but which has now lasted more than ten centuries, with the brief republican interruption of Oliver Cromwell, so despotic that the British have kept close to the monarchy ever since.

You always think you know everything about the Royal Family, perhaps from having seen a couple of films about Diana or the wonderful television series about The Crown. But Roddolo’s book makes us change our minds. And perhaps it helps us to consider this monarchical institution less eccentric, which Elizabeth’s father baptized as The Firmthe Company, because it is capable of a consistent output, if we consider that according to the calculations a driving force for the British economy around 1.8 billion pounds: Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding alone broke the barrier of one billion, 1050 million pounds of business generated by the event.
Elizabeth II: A symbol of continuity

Behind the patina of gossip, human comedy and family tragedy, which from Diana onwards envelops the family, up to the split of Harry and Meghan and Andrea’s trial for sexual assault, there is something very solid in the British monarchy: a soul made of steel, at the service of the country. She first of all, the Queen, a woman who made the sense of duty a mission, adapting to the times like no other successful, worthy heir to the patriotism of his mother, who refused to save herself in Canada with her children under the Nazi bombs: The children will not go without me, I will not leave without the King and the King will never go.

Alongside Churchill, George VI was the symbol of the only resistance to Nazism on the Western Front, until the landing in Normandy. And then there is the institution. Because, let’s not forget, the Queen is the Head of State. And we saw in the decolonization, when the Empire was dissolved but the Commonwealth remained, and then in the troubled internal affair of Great Britain, with the Irish and Scottish secessionism, how important it is the Crown as the glue of a United Kingdom that remained United Kingdom, although made up of four different nations. After all, 70 years is only ten seven years, and we Italians know very well how difficult it is to choose a good Head of State, and how convenient it is to keep him.

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