Chris Cuomo hid the relationship with his colleague: the president of CNN kicked out

from Matteo Persivale

The powerful Zucker framed during the internal investigation into the Cuomo case

Me too, that is me too. For founder Tarana Burke, the meaning of the two words that gave the anti-harassment movement its name was clear: I too was harassed, or worse. happened to me too. Now to judge from the latest sensational case, it seems more like I too have been fired or have been forced to resign.

There Cnn she had just recovered from the shock of the firing of her star Chris Cuomo, hunted for trying to defend behind the scenes, thanks to her power, her brother Andrew, governor of New York forced to resign precisely for reasons of harassment.

But just during an internal investigation following Cuomo’s firing, Chris Cuomo’s boss Jeff Zucker did not disclose his relationship with a prominent company manager. Cnn its direct report.

Result: surprise resignation. Zucker leaves the presidency of the Cnn and the presidency of WarnerMedia’s news division. The abrupt end of his tenure shakes WarnerMedia, which is expected to be acquired by Discovery later this year, in what should be one of the largest ($ 43 billion) mergers in media history in history.

In a note sent to colleagues and published by New York TimesZucker wrote that as part of the investigation into the work of Chris Cuomo at Cnn
I was asked if I had a consensual relationship with my closest colleague, a person with whom I have worked for more than twenty years. Our relationship has evolved in more recent years. I should have admitted this relationship from the start. I didn’t, and I was wrong.

The colleague in question Allison Gollustexecutive vice president of Cnn and chief marketing officer of the company. The problem, very big, is that before getting to the Cnn Gollust was Andrew Cuomo’s communications director.

As was obvious Zucker is now accused from the right of having protected the two Cuomo’s as long as it was possible because in addition to cheering for the Democrats, he had an affair with the governor’s most important collaborator. There Cnn hated by the American right who just like it Fox Newsin fact the media arm of the Republican party as can also be seen from the communications between Trump’s staff and the stars of Fox News January 6, 2021, the day of the assault on Congress.

The paradox that Zucker, Republican babau, when he was at NBC first launched Trump’s television career as a star of The Apprenticeand then to the Cnn it has actually launched its political career, because it is precisely there Cnn regularly broadcast the live broadcasts of the Trump candidate’s rallies in 2015-2016 (at the beginning he was a candidate-joke seen with undisguised irony within the party that ended up successfully climbing).

Trump can no longer tweet – he was expelled from the social network – but has released a statement in his unmistakable style: Jeff Zucker, a first-rate stinker who has directed the Cnn, and who makes bad ratings, got fired for various reasons. But above all because the Cnn loses spectators. Now they have a chance to drop fake news because nothing is more important than straightening the back of those traditional media losers. Jeff Zucker out: congratulations everyone !.

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