Biden: “The head of Isis al Quraishi died during a US raid in Syria”

from Guido Olimpio

The announcement of the president of the United States: Abu Ibrahim al Quraishi killed. The leader of the Islamic State would have blown himself up, killing his wife and two children. Biden: We’ve made the world safer

The United States announced the death, in a night raid in Syria, of the leader of the Islamic State, Abu Ibrahim al Quraishi. The president of the United States, Joe Bidensaid all members of the Special Forces engaged in the raid are safe.

Biden – in a statement – explained that he had given the green light to the attack to protect the American people and our allies – and to make the world safer. Thanks to the courage and skills of our Armed Forces, we removed the leader of ISIS from the battlefield.

According to the US president, the leader of the Caliphate – 45 years old, a mysterious figure of international terrorism – blew himself up, killing three members of his family: his wife and two children.

In a final act of desperate cowardice, Biden said, al Quraishi preferred this end with no regard for his family or others in the building. Official US sources then specified that they had carried out a DNA test which confirmed the identity of the terrorist, a clarification that partly responds to the doubts that have always accompanied the exact role of the jihadist and who was the real leader. Another aspect: the corpse remained in the ruins of the house.

In the past few hours, news had spread of a US special forces incursion into northern Syria: a massive operation that resulted in the death of 13 people, including six minors and four women.

The assault started in the night with the use of an assault helicopter with about twenty special forces men, supported by combat helicopters, armed Reaper drones and attack jets, and resembles the 2019 US raid that led to death of the then leader of the caliphate Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who also blew himself up, according to reports New York Times.

US commandos surrounded a house in the locality of Atmeh, region of Idlib, known for the presence of jihadists.

The military called on people barricaded in a house to surrender but, after a couple of hours, those inside would open fire using rifles and grenade launchers. The battle continued intense and ended with an explosion that devastated the building. There were excited phases, with a helicopter forced to make an emergency landing. The aircraft – according to the New York Times – it had a breakdown and they were forced to destroy it on the ground. Narration that could hide another thesis, that of damage suffered by the enemy’s shots.

It was initially thought that the target was a Qaedist exponent but later the name of al Quraishi, a shadowy figure who took over from Abu Bakr al Baghadi on October 31, 2019also liquidated by a raid in a village about thirty kilometers away.

In the past there have been other aerial operations in the area with the use of special weapons – such as ninja missiles – to reduce collateral damage and Osama’s men were in the sights.

The high number of civilians killed – including children – brings to mind what happened in Kabul after the massacre of the airport carried out by the Islamic State. An American raid destroyed an Afghan family, a tragic mistake: they thought they had identified the terrorist cell involved in the attack and instead they were mere inhabitants. The high price of any conflict.

The movement therefore loses its leadership in the days following a spectacular offensive in Syria (ten days of assault on a prison) and the signs of a great revival in Iraq. A confirmation of his resistance and the ability to overcome difficult phases. Followers of the Caliphate continue to pose a threat on many fronts, from the Sahel to Afghanistan.

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