Allison Fluke-Ekren, who is the Kansas teacher who led an ISIS battalion

from Guido Olimpio

American, 42, had gone to live in Egypt, then in Libya, finally in Syria, where she commanded a battalion of women and minors and planned an attack on an American college. Arrested, she was repatriated: she risks a harsh sentence

Aspirations as a militant, mother and fighter, black widow, responsible for a women’s unit of the Islamic State: this is Allison Fluke-Ekren’s war path, a former American teacher arrested and taken back to the USA. The story begins in Kansas, where Allison was born 42 years ago. His profession is teaching but his passion is another, he follows Islamic-radical positions and in 2008 he went to live in Egypt, the first stage of a classic migration for those who pursue Jihad. The move is a step towards joining the caravan. After three years she moved to Libya and in 2012 she moved again with her husband to Syria, a decision linked to a particular aspect that says a lot about personality: at the time she was in the ranks of the Ansar al Sharia faction but when the leadership of the group takes a cautious line she looks for other fronts, where she can really practice armed struggle.

The American, with her husband at her side, joins ISIS and brings in almost 15,000 dollars as a dowry with whom he buys weapons. From that moment the second phase begins. The companion takes over the leadership of units of sharpshooters while she is personally engaged in military activities. For the couple an intense, hard life, made up of battles, activities on the field. There is no respite, the militants are on the offensive, everyone must contribute to the dream, at any cost. And what happens: the man killed in an assault. Death counted on by those who embrace the cause is just an episode that can even strengthen resolve. Allison gets married again – this time to a drone expert from Bangladesh – but he too soon becomes a martyr.

The American is not alone because celebrates a third marriage with a Raqqa sector commander. Family ties strengthened by the common experience in the Movement because the woman takes on a significant role. The Islamic State entrusts the leadership of the Khatiba Nusaybah battalion to the former teacher, made up of women and minors. Allison attentive to the training of recruits, according to testimonies trains children – including her children – in the use of rifles and hand grenades. In 2014 – another accusation – designs a plan to commit suicide on a college in the US and presents him to the Caliph, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. The number one – again according to the reconstruction – authorizes the attack, provides the funds only if the operation is canceled.

Allison pregnant again, impossible to carry on with the project. During her stay in friendly territory, the woman has contact with her family in Kansas and, like other volunteers, tries to spread the news of his death. A tactic to ward off suspicion and attention. But the maneuver fails because eventually they found her. The terrorist was captured in circumstances that have not yet been clarified and the US federal authorities immediately took her over and then transferred her to Virginia, where a trial now awaits her. Risks a heavy sentence.

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