About Us

To give you complete coverage, we also cover a whole range of technology and science news on our platform. This ensures that you are never out of touch with what is latest.

What resides at the core of our platform is integrity. 99Counters is among the first platforms that brought in the transparency revolution. It moved the market away from all the old obfuscated methods where customers used to be ill-informed. We put an end to it by coming up with a consumer-centric and consumer-friendly product review platform for your highly loved gadgets and devices.

We have thousands of unique products reviewed with us today and each one of them passes the quality check that we have established. To overcome any challenges, we at 99counters.com developed a smart model which is a hybrid of AI plus the good old human check.

This model ensures that all the products reviewed on our platform are tested and are verified only when they satisfy us on all the parameters. Several strict criteria have been put in place to bring to you a list of only the finest products.

Our mission at 99Counters is to publish a diverse set of lists containing only the finest products out there in the market. You can explore them keeping in mind all your unique choices, preferences, and requirements whenever going to buy a new device.

Our platform also allows you to learn more about these products by locating them in various different lists. Yes, you may spot the same product in different lists and yet you will discover something new about it from a different perspective.

We curate lists based on a theme and when a product fits into more than one theme you may come across it more than once. So keep looking out for various updates that we plan to launch for you soon!

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