50 years of Mary of Denmark: “My title for a greener and more inclusive society”

from Enrica Roddolo

On Saturday 5 February, the former marketing expert who became a princess by marrying Frederick, heir to Queen Margrethe, turns 50. To the Courier service he said: I feel I have a strong communication platform at my disposal as a Royal

More than the weight of the responsibility of being a princess, I feel I have a very strong platform at my disposal as Royal from which to make my voice heard, to get the message across. So he replied to Courier service months ago, Princess Mary of Denmark who celebrated 50 years on Saturday 5th February. Being a princess helps me to support the work that is being done on a global scale to combat the climate emergency, and to be close to companies that are doing a great job developing new products and solutions for this ever so necessary green transformation.

Four children – Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, and twins Vincent and Josephine with whom he inaugurated his Australian garden at the Copenhagen Zoo (photo) – Mary from Denmark when asked about her children explained to us that it is very important for her that children are also part of the conversation of adults, and that they are aware of the challenges we are facing globally and locally. And are therefore aware of what we can do as individuals. The occasion of the meeting with the wife of the heir to the throne, Prince Frederick, was the visit of the princess to Milan, to support the green commitment of Danish design companies. Mary is also the godmother of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, the great event that Denmark has been dedicating for years to the theme of sustainable fashion.

Now the green princess is celebrating her first 50 years. After contracting Covid at Christmas, forcing the Danish Royal family, who in 2022 also celebrates 50 years of reign of Queen Margrethe, to a Christmas in isolation. So much so that the solemn celebrations for Margrethe’s Golden Jubilee have been postponed to the end of September.

But these days, as Denmark like the rest of Europe is heading towards a phase of new normal after the pandemic, for Mary’s 50th birthday – the c
ommoner Australian entered court after meeting her prince in a pub during the Sydney Olympic Games – all set to celebrate with initiatives and projects that celebrate nature, diversity and history. So the princess, accompanied by her twin children, visited the zoo (and met the penguins).

In the calendar of initiatives to celebrate its first 50 years, there is also the inauguration of a research center at the University of Copenhagen as well as a photographic exhibition dedicated to his life path. And today, alongside Queen Margrethe, he will inaugurate an exhibition at the Arken Museum that illustrates the commitment to the Danish Royal family of the Australian marketing and advertising expert, who has become a princess: a journey through 150 years of history of the representation of the female figure and diversity. gender in art.

In 2018 the princess was invited to the Danish Rainbow Awards, becoming the first royal exponent to take part in an LGBT event. An appointment that he did not miss even in 2019 and 2020. Confirming his attention and his commitment against all forms of discrimination and in the name of greater inclusion.

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